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These are usually published with an associated Reply. <strong>Journal Indonesia Law and Policy Review (JILPR)</strong> publishes three (February, June, October) issues per year, published by IPEST, International Peneliti Ekonomi, Sosial and Teknologi. Article must publish in <span class="st">English.</span></p> International Peneliti Ekonomi, Sosial dan Teknologi en-US Journal Indonesia Law and Policy Review 2715-498X ANALYSIS OF POLICY IMPLEMENTATION IN THE ONE DOOR FAMILY DATA COLLECTION PROGRAM THROUGH THE CARIK JAKARTA APPLICATION IN DASAWISMA KELURAHAN UJUNG MENTENG EAST JAKARTA DKI JAKARTA <p>The background of this research is the complaints of dasawisma cadres about the Carik Jakarta application and the low understanding of the community in operating the application on mobile phones. The Carik Jakarta application itself often experiences disturbances so that it is not optimal in collecting data. This study uses a qualitative research method with a descriptive approach through observation, interviews, and documentation. Interviews were conducted with five sources, namely the secretary of TP-PKK, RW 003 coordinator, RT 012 coordinator, dasawisma cadres, and residents of Ujung Menteng Urban-Village. Data analysis was carried out through the stages of data reduction, data presentation, and data verification. The results showed that the one-stop family data collection in the dasawisma program of Ujung Menteng Urban-Village had been running smoothly, especially in terms of resources, communication, and bureaucratic structure. However, residents are still reluctant to participate. Their enthusiasm needs to be increased to make this one-stop family data collection program a success. The obstacles that arise in the community are the refusal to be recorded, the community is difficult to communicate with and they are afraid that their personal data will be misused. In addition, using the system or server at the same time is also a challenge in itself because it hampers data collection through the Carik Jakarta application. Efforts that need to be made are to conduct campaigns to the community in detail, and continuously approach them.</p> Tuswoyo Ahmad Hidayat Tika Amalia Rahmah Copyright (c) 2022 Tuswoyo, Ahmad Hidayat, Tika Amalia Rahmah 2022-10-31 2022-10-31 4 1 1 6 10.56371/jirpl.v4i1.104 QUALITY ANALYSIS OF ADMINISTRATIVE AND MEDICAL SERVICES AT ROYAL PROGRESS INTERNATIONAL JAKARTA INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL IN THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE BPJS HEALTH PROGRAM <p>Based on patient visit data, the number of people who need outpatient health services through the BPJS Health program has increased since 2017. However, based on the results of a patient satisfaction survey in 2019, it appears that the health services provided are not optimal even though most patients are quite satisfied. There are still complaints that are submitted regarding the service procedure is considered complicated and long because it has to go through several administrative stages and the length of time to take care of registration. This study aims to analyze the quality of administrative and medical services at the Royal Progress International Hospital in Jakarta to patients participating in the BPJS Health program, the obstacles faced and the efforts made, using a qualitative approach with the type of case study. The results showed that the quality of health services provided included aspects of speed, pleasant service, free from errors and not all of the established procedures were met. There are still some aspects that need attention and improvement. The obstacles faced in providing health services for patients participating in the BPJS Health program come from patients who do not understand the procedures that must be passed and the incomplete requirements that must be met to obtain health services. Various efforts have been made by the management of the Royal Progress International Hospital Jakarta to overcome the obstacles faced so that health services continue to run well and are of higher quality.</p> Ahmad Hidayat Tuswoyo Agista Dwiyanti Copyright (c) 2022 Ahmad Hidayat, Tuswoyo, Agista Dwiyanti 2022-10-31 2022-10-31 4 1 7 12 10.56371/jirpl.v4i1.105 LEGAL PROTECTION FOR HOUSED WORKERS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC IN CIREBON CITY <p>The Covid-19 pandemic which is also endemic in the city of Cirebon has caused enormous losses in various sectors. The company gave the reason that this happened because of the Force Majuere effect of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the end, they were laid off only with a certificate obtained from the hotel without any clarity from the company in the letter when they would return to work, and the rights they obtained. In this study, the author uses a normative juridical approach, namely the approach method through the applicable legislation and is used as prime legal material data. Then proceed with the collection of secondary legal material data obtained from literature studies in the form of law books, legal journals, and other literacy related to the core of this research. As well as tertiary legal materials obtained from legal dictionaries, Indonesian dictionaries, and other dictionaries. The results of the study using the above method indicate that: (1) There is an employment relationship, workers who are laid off are still entitled to a complete certificate containing how long they have been laid off, the amount of wages received, the rights obtained must be listed in accordance with there is an element of a written agreement for legal certainty, (2) laid-off workers are still entitled to their full rights because the company experiencing the impact is included in the category of relative force majeure. Then the company can apply for a wage deferral.</p> Irma Maulida Agus Dimyati Dessy Ika Putri Copyright (c) 2022 Irma Maulida, Agus Dimyati, Dessy Ika Putri 2022-10-31 2022-10-31 4 1 13 25 10.56371/jirpl.v4i1.106 ANALYSIS OF JUDGE'S DECISION THAT WAS OUT OF THE CRIME OF MURDER <p>The research method used in writing the results of this thesis research is normative juridical. The aims of this study are: (1) To find out and analyze the qualifications of corporations as subjects of corruption. (2) To find out and analyze the form of criminal liability against corporations as perpetrators of criminal acts of corruption. (2) To know the verdict of the judge who is free from the crime of murder. The results of the study show (1) In relation to the analysis of the judge's decision that is free from the crime of murder, it is clear that, to determine whether an act is included in a criminal act, a sharp analysis is needed from a judge without overriding the applicable law. (2) Seeing the obstacles faced by judges in determining decisions that are independent of the provisions of the Act on the crime of murder, then every judge who has convened should have matured emotionally, in terms of the thoughts, attitudes and authority of the judge himself and who is not inferior. What is important is the ability of mature human resources.</p> Syamsul Haling Andi Taufik Copyright (c) 2022 Andi Taufik 2022-10-31 2022-10-31 4 1 26 42 10.56371/jirpl.v4i1.107 FAMILY AND COMMUNITY SOCIAL CONTROL AGAINST THE INCREASE IN POSITIVE CASES OF COVID 19 CHILDREN, JAGAKARSA VILLAGE, SOUTH JAKARTA <p>This study aims to find out how the role of families and the community in preventing and controlling the increase in cases of positive COVID-19 children in the Jagakarsa village, as well as what obstacles are experienced by families and communities in overcoming the increase in COVID-19 cases and what efforts are being made by families and communities to reduce the increase in cases. This study uses qualitative methods with data collection techniques, namely interviews. Determination of the sources in this study by purposive sampling, namely the family and the community, namely Dasawisma mothers and people who live in Jagakarsa Village. The form of social control is seen from the point of view of Travis Hirschi. namely: 1. Attachment (love), namely social control starting from the family by providing a sense of security through limiting children to join gatherings outside the home and obeying health protocols with masks, washing hands and avoiding crowds..2. Involvement (involvement), namely being pro-active in the community in preventing, handling, and controlling Covid-19 cases. 3. Commitment (responsibility) is the responsibility of the community to remind each other about health protocols. 4. Belief, namely the public's belief about the dangers of Covid-19 can control people's behavior. The steps taken by local residents are providing understanding and knowledge about Covid-19, dropping off and picking up children to school, giving traditional herbal medicine, fulfilling balanced nutrition and limiting curfew activities, eliminating crowding activities and vaccinating local residents.</p> Paisal Halim Elisa Rizka Adriani Copyright (c) 2022 Paisal Halim, Elisa Rizka Andriani 2022-10-31 2022-10-31 4 1 43 55 10.56371/jirpl.v4i1.108