IJESS International Journal of Education and Social Science 2024-06-14T10:15:58+00:00 Otto Fajarianto Open Journal Systems <p><strong>International Journal of Education and Social Science (IJESS) eISSN 2686-2239&nbsp;</strong></p> <p><strong>International Journal of Education and Social Science (IJESS)</strong> is an international, peer-reviewed journal publishing articles on all aspects of EDUCATION and SOCIAL SCIENCES. <strong>International Journal of Education and Social Science (IJESS)</strong> welcomes submissions of the following article types: (1) Papers: reports of high-quality original research with conclusions representing a significant advance, novelty or new finding in the field; (2) Topical Reviews: written by leading researchers in their fields, these articles present the background to and overview of a particular field, and the current state of the art. Topical Reviews are normally invited by the Editorial Board; (3) Comments: comment or criticism on work previously published in the journal. These are usually published with an associated Reply. <strong>International Journal of Education and Social Science (IJESS)</strong>&nbsp;publishes four issues per year, published by IPEST, International Peneliti Ekonomi, Sosial dan Teknologi, Indonesia, and published in <span class="st">English</span></p> The Influence of Leadership Style and Work Discipline on Employee Performance 2024-04-27T05:55:39+00:00 Yhonanda Harsono Otto Fajarianto Linda Afriani <p>This research aims to determine the influence of leadership style and work discipline on employee performance at CV. Anamuda Bogor either partially or simultaneously. The research method used is associative with a quantitative approach. The sample in this study was 50 people. With saturated sampling analysis techniques. The data uses validity tests, reliability tests, classical assumption tests, multiple linear regression analysis, multiple coefficient analysis, coefficient of determination analysis and hypothesis testing. Partially testing the hypothesis for the leadership style variable (X1), obtained t count &gt; t table or (7.501 &gt; 2.011), thus H01 is rejected. Ha1 is accepted, meaning that there is a significant influence between leadership style on employee performance at CV. Anamuda Bogor. Partially testing the hypothesis for the work discipline variable (X2) obtained t count &gt; t table or (5.725 &gt; 2.011) thus H02 was rejected. Ha2 was accepted, meaning that there is a significant influence between work discipline on employee performance at CV. Anamuda Bogor. The correlation value or level of relationship between the independent variable and the dependent variable is 0.793, meaning it has a strong relationship. The coefficient of determination or contribution of simultaneous influence is 62.8%, while the remaining 37.2% is influenced by other factors. Hypothesis testing obtained a calculated F value &gt; F table or (39.729 &gt; 3.200) thus H03 was rejected. Ha3 was accepted. This means that there is a significant simultaneous influence between leadership style and work discipline on employee performance at CV. Anamuda Bogor.</p> 2024-04-24T04:05:40+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Yhonanda Harsono, Otto Fajarianto, Linda Afriani Organizational Experience as Formation of Competitive Student’ Character 2024-04-27T05:56:03+00:00 Sabrina Harnida Wahyuni Adda Bakri Hasanuddin Mohammad Ega Nugraha <p class="Abstract"><span lang="EN-IN" style="font-size: 12.0pt;">This study aims to explore the role of organizational experience in the formation of competitive student character in the higher education environment. The literature study research method was used to summarize key findings that support the positive influence of organizational participation on student character development. The results of this study indicate that student organizations have a considerable role in shaping character values through student activities provided in higher education. Organizational experience contributes to the improvement of leadership and teamwork skills, shaping the character of student who are adaptive and ready to contribute in a professional environment. Due to the role of ormawa in the campus towards the formation of student character, student can later have knowledge and experience in organizing, as well as character building which can later become the hallmark of student.</span></p> 2024-04-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Sabrina, Harnida Wahyuni Adda, Bakri Hasanuddin, Mohammad Ega Nugraha Optimization of Character Education in The Independent Curriculum Through the Pancasila Student Profile Strengthening Project Approach 2024-04-27T05:56:00+00:00 Rr. Eka Ratnawati Warneri Aunurrahman Yuzi Hana Christiani Ajerin Karim <p>Education with Pancasila values, the Merdeka Curriculum aims to create students who are not only academically skilled but also have a solid moral foundation. The method used in this research is library research. This research describes understanding in descriptive research that is scientific and inductive. The need for a curriculum that is responsive to student needs and the global environment is becoming increasingly important. The existence of Pancasila values ​​in the face of the social crisis currently hitting Indonesian society, where the teaching and implementation of these values ​​has been proven to have a positive impact on student behavior. In developing character education, Pancasila values ​​have a central role as a moral and ethical foundation that is rooted in Indonesian culture and history.</p> 2024-04-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Rr. Eka Ratnawati, Warneri, Aunurrahman, Yuzi Hana Christiani, Ajerin Karim Pasar Rebo Street Library Community Alternative Education Empowerment Model for School Out-of-School Children 2024-04-27T05:55:54+00:00 Muhamad Irwansyah Paisal Halim <p>The problem of dropping out of school experienced by students in Kampung Tengah, East Jakarta raised the social concern of the Pasar Rebo Street Library Community to Apply the concept of empowerment throught alternatie education activities as an effort to overcome the phenomenon of students dropping out of school. This research aims to describe the internal and external factors causing dropouts, the alternative education empowerment model and the supporting and inhibiting factors in its implementation. This research uses descriptive qualitative method with purposive sampling technique to determine informants. Data were collected throught interviews, observation and documentation. The data were analyzed using structural functionalism theory, specifically Talcott Parsons’ AGIL concept and Max Weber’s Social Action theory. The results show that the internal factor that causes children to drop out of school is the desire of children to help parents work, while the external factor is the lack of parental attention to children’s education. There are five alternative education empowerment models carried out by the Pasar Rebo Street Library Community, namely the history model of the formation of teaching staff, the book collection model for teaching materials, the student data colletction model, the student classification model and the altenative education learning model. Supporting factors in alternative education activites are motivation, commitment and a supportive environment, while the inhibiting factors are the time of organizing activities, the inconsistency of some teaching staff, and the lack of interest in learning from some students. Based on the results of the research, alternative education activities carried out by the Pasar Rebo Street Library Community for school dropouts in Kampung Tengah, East Jakarta are included in the concept of empowerment, where students are given learning, knowledge and knowledge like in formal education, and there are plans to create PKBM so that students get proof of learning or diplomas.</p> 2024-04-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Muhamad Irwansyah, Paisal Halim Ecopesantren As Empowering Boarding Boarding Communities Through Land Conversion Movement 2024-04-27T05:55:50+00:00 Sari Tri Anjani Syamsiah Badruddin <p>The problem of limited access to fulfill food needs, especially for pesantren communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, led Pondok Pesantren Hajar Aswad, Sunan Pandanaran Foundation to initiate a land conversion movement to promote food security. With the concept of greenhouses, empty land is converted into food source land by implementing the aquaponic cultivation method. This research aims to understand how the ecopesantren program can empower the pesantren community (santri, pesantren residents, surrounding communities) through land conversion movements, as well as a new form of social movement. This research uses a qualitative method with a case study research type. The results of this study show that (1) the application of the greenhouse method as a form of conversion of vacant land by pesantren has succeeded in realizing food security and economic independence. (2) the pesantren community participates in each other and has the same role in its management. (3) This management has a socio-ecological impact, namely increasing social awareness and improving the economy of the pesantren community, as well as contributing to the welfare and preservation of the surrounding environment.&nbsp; This shows that the pesantren community is empowered through the ecopesantren program, one of which utilizes the land by carrying out the movement to convert vacant land into greenhouses using the aquaponics system to support food security and encourage economic independence in the pesantren community.</p> 2024-04-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Sari Tri Anjani, Syamsiah Badruddin Student Diversity and Fulfilling The Target of The Differentiation Learning Curriculum 2024-04-27T05:55:47+00:00 Cindy Berliana Otto Fajarianto Yhonanda Harsono <p>It is very important for us as educators to know the diversity of students in the classroom to be able to determine differentiated learning models, approaches and strategies during learning. In this paper, we will discuss the diversity of students at SDN Lesanpuro 3 Malang with class IA research samples. From the physical diversity of students in class IA, there are 13 male students and 15 female students. In terms of sensory diversity, the majority have no obstacles. In terms of economic and demographic diversity, class IA students are very diverse, which is based on work factors. The majority of families and residences are in urban areas. Apart from that, judging from the learning outcomes of students in the fine arts learning content, line material also has quite satisfactory results. Based on the diversity of students in class IA, educators have implemented differentiated learning strategies in one aspect of the product in the fine arts learning content. The results of fulfilling the curriculum targets show that in fulfilling the curriculum targets at SDN Lesanpuro 3 class IA, the line material for fine arts learning content shows that students have been able to understand, identify, classify and create works regarding types of lines. And can also demonstrate concrete media TOURISM (Line Cards) individually.</p> 2024-04-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Cindy Berliana, Otto Fajarianto, Yhonanda Harsono Ghosting Phenomenon in Interpersonal Communication of Bumble Application Users 2024-04-27T05:55:45+00:00 Fadia Ramadini Djujur Luciana Radjagukguk <p>Technological developments have made it easier for humans to build interpersonal relationships, one of which is using dating apps. One phenomenon that is often found in dating apps is the ghosting phenomenon. The ghosting phenomenon is an indirect termination of relationships that can hinder communication. However, many adult couples often fail or experience a breakup when they are at the approach stage. In general, someone experiencing the end of a relationship or losing a partner can be a very traumatic and sad experience and can disrupt a person's mental health. This research aims to find out at what stage the ghosting phenomenon occurs in interpersonal communication on the dating app Bumble. This research uses a phenomenological research method with a qualitative approach, data collection techniques of in-depth interviews and observation. The theory used is the Social Penetration Theory which has four stages in a relationship, namely the orientation stage, affective exploratory exchange, affective exchange and stable exchange. The results of this research show that the ghosting phenomenon can occur at every stage of a relationship, during the introduction stage or when the relationship is already close to each other. This experience of ghosting behavior also creates communication barriers between people and leaves the victim feeling uncomfortable.</p> 2024-04-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Fadia Ramadini, Djujur Luciana Radjagukguk Development Of Student Teaching Materials Using An Inquiry Approach Oriented On Critical Thinking Ability In Service Company Accounting Courses 2024-04-27T05:55:42+00:00 Indah Pertiwi Yulyanah Lisda Fitriana Masitoh <p>University is a continuation of secondary education which is organized to prepare students to become members of society who have academic and professional abilities who can apply, develop and create science, technology and the arts. Learning in higher education is not just about providing material on a particular topic but must also provide a learning experience that enables the development of student independence in learning so that it can improve student learning achievement. There are several obstacles in studying Service Company Accounting in the D3 Accounting Study Program at Pamulang University, including: (1) lecturers are still the main source for learning accounting; (2) the books used by students are inadequate for a conducive learning process; and (3) students find it difficult to understand the contents of the available textbooks so that students' motivation to learn becomes less. Apart from that, based on the results, students' critical thinking abilities are still low. This is what prompted researchers to prepare Student Teaching Materials (BAM) using an inquiry approach oriented towards thinking skills in the hope that it will make it easier for students to learn Service Company Accounting.</p> <p>The aim of this research is to produce Student Teaching Materials (BAM) using an inquiry approach oriented towards thinking skills using an inquiry approach oriented towards critical thinking skills in quality Service Company Accounting lectures based on the aspects: (1) validity, (2) practicality, and (3) ) effectiveness.. This research is a type of research and development. The development in this research is the development of Student Teaching Materials (BAM) using an inquiry approach oriented towards thinking skills using an inquiry approach oriented towards critical thinking skills in Service Company Accounting lectures. The development model used in this research is the Borg &amp; Gall development model. Theoretically, the results of this research will improve students' critical thinking skills and the resulting products can be used in Service Company Accounting lectures.</p> 2024-04-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Indah Pertiwi, Yulyanah, Lisda Fitriana Masitoh The Effect of Service Quality and Social Media Marketing on The Purchase Decision in Roemah Coffee 2024-04-27T05:56:06+00:00 Firman Hidayat Ratih Hurriyati Yono Maulana Romlah <p>Business developments that are happening at this time make a lot of competition in doing business increasingly tight between companies, one of which is the café business. Intense competition among business people requires business people to provide the best for their customers in order to increase purchasing decisions for a company. This study aims to determine the effect of product quality and social media marketing on purchasing decisions at Roemah Kesambi Coffee. The sample in this study was 96 people using incidental sampling. The data analysis method used is multiple regression analysis. The results of the partial research (t test) show that the product quality variable has a significant effect on purchasing decisions.</p> 2024-04-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Firman Hidayat, Ratih Hurriyati, Yono Maulana, Romlah The Effect of Using Facebook as a Learning Media Towards Improving Learning Outcomes 2024-04-27T05:55:57+00:00 Darwin Warneri Eny Enawaty Dewi Fajaryati Juhata <p>The aim of this research is to determine the effect of using Facebook as a learning medium on improving learning outcomes. The design of this research is a Literature Review which was carried out in March 2024 with a sample size of 7 journals. Writing this article uses stages in the methodology such as: selecting a review topic, searching for literature, analyzing the literature and writing a review. The research results show that there is an influence of the use of Facebook media on learning outcomes because by using Facebook learning becomes fun. There is no effect of using Facebook media on learning outcomes because some students only use Facebook to fill their free time, not as a medium for learning.</p> 2024-04-24T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Darwin, Warneri, Eny Enawaty, Dewi Fajaryati, Juhata Pancasila Democracy According to Sukarno's Thought and its Potential for Formulation a New Model of Indonesian Democracy 2024-05-04T12:49:53+00:00 Ganjar Razuni <p>Until now, the concept of Pancasila democracy has not been formulated properly and comprehensively. Moreover, this formulation is based on the thoughts of the Pancasila explorers, namely; Ir. Sukarno. The absence of a formulation of the democratic concept of Pancasila based on Sukarno's thinking is caused by the process of dehistoricization of Pancasila that has occurred since the New Order. In fact, both in his Speech on June 1 1945 and at the Pancasila Course Session on People's Sovereignty Principles on July 22 1958, Sukarno explained his various thoughts about the principles of democracy in Pancasila. Sukarno's thoughts on Pancasila democracy have potential for the formulation of a new model of Pancasila Democracy, which is different from other models of democracy, especially the liberal democracy model. Therefore, the formulation of a new Pancasila model of democracy based on Sukarno's thinking is an urgent scientific need and is our common concern.</p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Ganjar Razuni Application of a Cooperative Learning Model of Student Teams Achievement Division Type to Improve Student Achievement in Mathematics Lessons 2024-06-14T10:15:58+00:00 Ni Ketut Erawati I Komang Agus Setyawan I Gusti Putu Partha Permana Putra <p>The low mathematics learning achievement of students is due to the fact that conventional learning methods are still applied so that students are less active and less motivated in the teaching and learning process. The aim of this research is none other than to improve student learning achievement with the student teams achievement division (STAD) type cooperative learning model. This research is classroom action research. The research consists of two cycles and begins with a pre-cycle where the cycle stages consist of planning, implementation, observation and reflection. The subjects of this research were class X12 students at SMA N 1 North Kuta, totaling 45 students. The instrument used in this research was a learning achievement test. The results of the research carried out were that in Cycle I the percentage of students who completed it was 53%, then there was an increase in Cycle II to 78%, because they had met the specified classical completeness, namely 75% of the total number of students, the researcher stopped in Cycle II. Based on these results, it can be concluded that there has been an increase in student learning achievement in Mathematics learning by implementing the Cooperative learning model of the Student Teams Achievement Division (STAD) type.</p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Ni Ketut Erawati, I Komang Agus Setyawan, I Gusti Putu Partha Permana Putra The Effectiveness of Islamic Capital Market Schools in Enhancing Knowledge and Motivation towards Stock Investment in Generation Z 2024-06-08T07:02:19+00:00 Hani Hasanah Ria Kurniawati <p>This research aims to determine the difference between before and after the implementation of the Shariah capital market school at Sheikh-Yusuf Islamic University Campus. This study is a quantitative research using the Mann-Whitney test as a differential test. Based on the research results, it is found that there is a difference in motivation and knowledge of the students at Sheikh-Yusuf Islamic University before and after the implementation of the Shariah capital market school activities.</p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Hani Hasanah, Ria Kurniawati Liquidity, Profitability, Firm Size and Leverage on Company Value 2024-06-08T07:01:29+00:00 Hadijah Febriana Vega Anismadiyah <p>This research aims to determine the effect of liquidity, profitability, firm size and leverage on company value in automotive and component sub-sector manufacturing companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange with an observation period of 2012 - 2022. The method in this research uses panel data regression analysis and is tested using a program Eviews data processing 12. The population in this study were 13 companies in the automotive and components sub-sector listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange and 3 companies were used as samples in this study. The partial research results show that: 1) the liquidity variable has no effect on firm value, 2) the profitability variable has a significant effect on firm value, 3) the firm size variable has no effect on firm value, 4) the leverage variable has no effect on firm value and the test results are simultaneously identified that liquidity, profitability, firm size and leverage have a significant effect on company value.</p> 2024-04-30T00:00:00+00:00 Copyright (c) 2024 Hadijah Febriana, Vega Anismadiyah